About us

Dr. Sudeshan Govender (DSG) is a “medical oracle” who has an enhanced vision for healthcare globally. Having an extensive educational background, DSG is also a director of Mediclinic Victoria and Medimen Wellness & Cardiology Metabolic Centre. By being centred at the heart of patient care and with a vision for better healthcare, DSG focuses on those living with chronic diseases. With a great passion to care for patients, DSG always ensures a comfortable healing journey.

By focusing on primary care, disease management and patient monitoring, DSG aims to make a change within the medical landscape. Throughout the many years of experience, his understanding of patients’ needs has deepened, and is now breaking boundaries is offering world-class quality medical care.

By staying ahead of medical advancements, and collaborating with doctors from all faculties, DSG continues to grow with the aim to give patients the best quality treatment.


Our vision is to give high quality medical treatment with the use of digital innovation. Combining our knowledge with passion, our vision for the future remains clear, as we keep our patients at the centre of all we do. We aim to take a global approach in improving the lives of those who live with chronic diseases.


At DSG, our mission is to improve the quality of life of those who are living with chronic diseases. Taking a very patient-centred approach, we are continuously raising the bar to give our patients the highest quality of healthcare standards.


Our Values


Where there is passion, there is excellence. DSG aims to exceed expectations by improving quality standards. Passion drives us to perform at our best to ensure a comfortable healing journey for all patients.


At DSG, building and maintaining strong relationships begins with trust. We ensure that our patients are able to rely on us through every step of their journey, making the healing process more effective and efficient.


With years of expertise under our belt, we are able to predict outcomes with an analytical mind for the best patient outcomes. We are committed utilising advanced technology to diagnose and treat patients.

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